Saturday, October 1, 2011

how to keep your love

Maintaining the “Magic” in Marriage

Keep saying “I love you.” These three little words are very powerful! Few people, if any, tire of hearing that they are loved. When you say “I love you” do your best to be giving your spouse your full attention. Make sure you mean it when you say it!!
Buy your spouse flowers or gifts. Gifts don’t have to be extravagant, but should be simple reminders of how special your spouse is to you. Keep these gifts personal, rather than practical!
Surprise your spouse. For example, kidnap your spouse from work and do something you know they would enjoy. (Be sure to check with your spouse’s boss – if they have one!) Give gifts or flowers at totally unexpected times.
Take a vacation together. Same idea as the regular date night noted above. A vacation with your spouse will provide you with more time to focus on one another and will give you opportunities to rekindle the romance in your life!

Create and maintain a regular, non-negotiable date night – just for you and your spouse. (By the way, this means time away from the kids – and other friends.) Relationships need one-on-one nourishment to stay healthy. A regular date night can provide the quality and quantity of time needed to keep your relationship with your spouse strong.


  1. so sweet!! i guess, i'm just lucky because my husband and i still feel like newlyweds until now, our 12th year of marriage. left you some love and following you now..

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  2. Surprises. These make relationships exciting! :)

  3. for me and my hubby, trust, faith, communication and love, play a big factor to keep our relationship/marriage intact.

    We don't go out for a date, since we don't have baby sitter, but we make sure that we have time for each other when the kids are asleep. We don't give each other presents, but we give each other our commitment. :)

    hope you can come and visit me too.

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  5. I like your opinion, and this is the best thing to do for couple. thanks

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